Kathryn and I have been starting to take our dog, Darwin, for runs in Whakarewarewa forest (the Redwoods). This is in training for the Event Promotions "Run beneath the stars" 10km run on the 15th of September.

Last time we went out, we took our head torches. Kathryn managed to get around Mokupuna without using her torch, and I'm glad she did...as she found an awesome colony of NZ gloworms (Arachnocampa luminosa). I'd run past the colony without registering them due to my bright torch. 

I returned today after dusk, and managed to get a few shots. I think I'll revisit the location a few more times, as it's quite a challenge getting the right exposure and composition in the dark. You can't over-use your lighting as not only does it drown out the glowing, but it also temporarily scares the worms!

I'm intending on getting a few more scenic environmental shots, before hopefully getting some close-up macro shots of individual worms and the webs they weave to catch their prey, watch this space!

Glowworms at Whakarewarewa Forest (06/09/18)

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