19/10/18 - Website reshuffle - Chris Moody

I'm back from a week long holiday in Hawaii. There might be a few Hawaii photo updates  coming in the future, once I'm happy with the New Zealand section of the website.

After trilling SmugMug for the last few months, I'm quite impressed with its performance, but underwhelmed by the sites performance in terms of its placement in google. I think a large part of that is down to how I built the structure of the site around the galleries, which are a bit limiting in how much freedom I have in customising the content.

As such, I'm now in the process of migrating ALL the gallery pages to pages that have the galleries within them. This means I'll have more options in terms of adding addition content to each gallery other than just pictures. 

It also means that for the meantime, some pages and links might be blank or broken. If you come across anything that doesn't work quite as it should, please do get in touch.

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