02/09/2018 - Soggy Spinoni! - Chris Moody

Today Kathryn and I took Darwin, our Italian Spinone, to the TECT All terrain park (About halfway between Rotorua and Tauranga). 

The Park has an awesome dog-enclosure, featuring a good chunk of native bush along with a bunch of agility obstacles. It's fully fenced and well maintained, so it's one of the few places we feel totally happy to let Darwin go crazy and run off.

Well, today he got to go crazy with 4 other Spinoni! It was great to see him playing with his own kind, and just as much fun to swap stories and find out that we're not quite alone with dealing with some of Darwins more quirky habits!

I took a lot of photos, so here's just a small selection:

Soggy Spinone Meet-up gallery

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